Imagine you invited your friends to spend the day out on your boat. When you pull up to the dock, you realize the seagulls used it for target practice, the white paint is yellowing and the seating smells musty. Don't let this situation ruin your plans. Let It Shine Detailing offers marine detailing in Marion County, including Knoxville, Oskaloosa and Pella, IA.
Owner John Hill will get your boat ready to show off to your friends. Plus, boat detailing is essential for maintaining the overall condition of your boat. Contact John at 641-780-4285 to schedule boat detailing today.

Should you get a ceramic coating for your boat?

Should you get a ceramic coating for your boat?

Applying a ceramic coating is essential for maintaining your boat. But why is it so important? Ceramic coating is vital because:

  • It brings back a fresh shine to your boat
  • It protects your boat from debris and other factors that could damage the paint
  • It can help your boat last longer

John will make your boat look great for years to come. Call to get marine detailing services scheduled today.

John can also direct you to a company that offers winterizing services.